A lot is being said about Montessori …. some is true, like the fact that Montessori strives to develop the child’s independence, but some totally wrong, like the fact that Montessori lets children do whatever they want whenever they want…. it’s hard to make up one’s mind in these circumstances !

To enable you to better understand the specificities of the Montessori pedagogy, here is a selection of short videos that you can watch directly from our website.

However, to understand how Montessori pedagogy is really articulated in a real school, the best is to watch the movie “The Master is the Child”, an extraordinary French movie (with English subtitles) that was filmed in a Montessori classroom over a full year. You will discover the daily activities of the children and their Educator, in a Montessori 3-6 classroom. A must-see for every person interested in Montessori pedagogy !

LE-MAITRE-EST-LENFANT To order the DVD V.O. FR with ENG subtitles (CHF 20.- + CHF 2.- postage ), write to contact@ifmm.ch

The IFMM also proposes a selection of reference books of Maria Montessori. To order them, please write to us at contact@ifmm.ch (price according to the book).