To give future teachers the means to apply a different education, namely:

– a thorough knowledge of Montessori psychopedagogy concerning children from 3 to 6 years old
– a┬árespectful human capacity based on scientific knowledge,
– educational facilities adapted to the development of the young child, which liberate and highlight all its potential, giving it the pleasure of learning and sharing its knowledge

This diploma gives the opportunity to teach in Montessori AMI structures, for grades of 3 to 6 years.

The Montessori schools are subject to the same requirements as any private school, the Montessori degree without traditional training is in principle not sufficient to be recognized as a teacher. Without this being necessary to be admitted to the training, it is strongly recommended to check the conditions of authorization to teach of the future professional place.

Objectives of specialization

Allow each participant to acquire:

  • A complete and thorough THEORETICAL KNOWLEDGE of Montessori psycho-pedagogy, more specifically applied to the period of 3 to 6 years.

This part covers 648 hours and is delivered through

– theoretical courses
– assisted reading shares,
– presentations to students.

  • SPECIFIC SKILLS by the total knowledge of the material and its progress

– the presentation of the material by the course supervisor or his / her assistant,
– the individual exercise by each student until his integration,
– the production of 4 reference binders of this material, (personal work not counted 600 hours approximately)
– the personal presentation by each with analysis of this practice, assisted by the trainer,
– the making of materials related to the psychology of the child. (Unrecorded personal work,
100 hours approximately)
– 180 hours of individual exercises with equipment made available, under supervision.

  • A CAPABILITY OF ANALYSIS for a constant adjustment to his educational approach obtained by observation exercises (900 hours approximately)
    – in the classroom 3 to 6 years, with written report, followed by individual and collective analyzes.
  • The possibility of CONFRONTING HIS KNOWLEDGE TO REALITY, practical training course: 120 hours in an affiliated school applying the Montessori pedagogy, under the supervision of a teacher approved by the MAI, with a visit of the trainer at the training site.

A theoretical examination of psycho-pedagogical theory and practical application

An oral test with presentation of the material in situation and analysis of the presentation.

All the examiners are appointed by AMI.