The IFMM commits  :

– to transmit Maria Montessori’s thought and message in its integrity, therefore transmitting culture as well as human, social and spiritual qualities
– to teach a pedagogy which is respectful of the human being and adapted to the development of the young child arising from him
– to give to course participants the necessary means and tools to reach this goal


Bring a profound reflexion to people looking for an educational approach which takes into account the human personnality in all its aspects and provide tools adapted to the young child’s needs.

The pedagogical foundation is Maria Montessori’s thought, the pedagogical application of this thought enriched by the accumulated experience of many decades all over the world. Latest research concerning physical, psychical, intellectual and spiritual development of the young child tends to support this practice.


The child is the father of man and his potential can be developped or remain unrecognized depending on the environment that we offer him. It can have potentially serious consequences during his first six years. These are the years when physical, psychical and intellectual developments occur and can be crucial for the building of personality, the way to grasp the environment and to act within it in the future.

The people in charge of the child’s education have to become aware of the importance of their attitude, of the environment and of the objects given to the young child. The educational vision as well as its application have consequences on the child’s individual future and have an undeniable social impact.


Excellence serving the human being

– our trainers show openness, have an in-depth experience of Montessori education. All the program directors are AMI certified.

– collaboration, mutuel help and support, self-discipline, cheerfulness must be consistent values in our relationships between teachers and students.

– we wish to develop and broaden our abilities with regular ongoing education.

– we maintain regular contact with the AMI pedagogical board in order to continually adjust our teaching.

– we maintain regular contact with any association pursuing similar goals, particularly the Association Montessori Suisse (AMS)

Universality and collaboration

– we are convinced that diversity is a source of enrichment so we call upon international trainers and accept students from any cultural, social and religious origin

– we share our experiences with conventional educators and teachers

– we maintain links with people involved in Early Years : thinkers, pedagogues, psychologists, pediatricians and care-givers in Switzerland and abroad

– we are present and participate to the best of our ability to educational research seminars

– we foster openmindedness with any association or organisation that protects the inalienable rights of the child


Since 2005 the IFMM  holds the EduQua certification which guarantees its quality according to officially established norms. The certification was extended until 2014. We are currently in the process of renewal for the Course starting in 2015.


Raise awareness and promote the social scope of adequate education which allows emergence of human potential from early years. Collaborate with the pedagogical training centres and universities as well as caregiving environments in order to offer adequate tools to young children or elderly people, particlarly the ones with Alzheimer’s Disease.